Bali is an islandin Indonesia, Which the aproximately 17,00 islands of Indonesia. Bali are very famous for various reasons.you know many place in the world, but BALI  has nice ,unique culture and tradition. Many foreigners give james of BALI such as -- paradise island-- island of GOD, ‐- thousands temple island etc.Which one the  island aproximately 5656km2  with a series of mountain from west  to east with volcanic make the land to be fertile for agriculture. Holiday in bali will make you feel in the heaven because BALI has almost everything you need during vacation such as luxury hotel, restaurans, spa,natural beauty, adventure; water sport,rafting, cycling, elephant riding etc.Bali  season.com offer profesional tour service while you are in BALI especialy for private or family with personal service, a vehicle and english speaking driver.  Have anice holiday thanks.